Disinfection and Sanitization

Disinfection and Sanitization

Top Best Disinfection and Sanitization service in Doha, Qatar


Are you are looking for Best Disinfection and Sanitization service in Doha Qatar? then stop worrying you are at right place Scrubs  maid service and cleaning service in Qatar, Disinfection and Sanitization service in Doha Qataris the place to Call. We offer a variety of cleaning services to suit any need and budget and achieve best and satisfied results. Scrubs Maids has been providing professional cleanings since 2010. 

While social distancing and self-isolation are becoming the new normal, one of the questions circulating among the public is if it is required to clean and disinfect your Home or Office?

Coronavirus is transmitted mainly through respiratory droplets, direct contact with cases, and contaminated surfaces/objects, so we need to maintain personal hygiene and hygiene at home or office to minimize our chances of getting sick. However, experts believe that simply cleaning may not be enough to protect yourself from Coronavirus infection; sanitization is the key. Cleaning is about removing contaminants from a surface. Disinfecting is about killing pathogens.

Are you looking for sanitization/ disinfection services in Qatar? If yes, then your search ends here. Whether you need sanitization or disinfection of your home or car or office or any cleaning services, we will ensure that you will get the best Disinfection and Sanitization service in Doha Qatar at your doorstep hassle-free.

Achieve best result with our Disinfection and sanitization service?

As a Reputation Maid Service & Cleaning Maid Agency in Qatar, we work hard to provide our customers with a safe atmosphere and a site dedicated to public safety. Our team will be there to direct you on a personalized risk evaluation and give a further complete view of your company or home and the level of safety and security required.

Our disinfection is performed by quality specialists using top-notch technologies via Liquid Dispersal. Many of the advantages include:

  • It dries rapidly, so the surface is usable after 30 minutes of completion.
  • Disinfects remaining walls, inaccessible spaces, and wipes with hands
  • Quickly cleans several touchpoints.
  • Also, the spray disinfects broad areas swiftly.
  • Kills germs within 10 minutes on most hard surfaces.
  • Our products used are eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, and non-harmful to humans.
  • Disinfectants should not release any harsh gases and remove smells.

Surface Variation Of Coronavirus

Understanding viruses’ potential origins may help prevent their spread to new individuals. For example, saliva and mucus may be dispersed over 3 meters when someone with COVID-19 lung disorder coughs or sneezes. Viruses, such as coronavirus, which may live outside of a general human body for many days. It’s also reported that coronavirus could live for up to 9 days on indoor surfaces such as iron or plastic.

What our customer say about our service

Linda Poko
Linda Poko
18:08 07 Sep 22
I have been regularly using cleaning services from Scrubs Cleaning company.Their staff are... professional and bookings are handled promptly. Particularly cleaning staff Ms Sarah, she does her job well and works with honesty and sincerity. She practices open communication. Ms Sarah utilizes the allocated time to complete the cleaning job. She has a good personality too. Very humble and respectful.I’m very satisfied having Ms Sarah to assist in cleaning my apartment.read more
Monique Wessels
Monique Wessels
12:50 31 Aug 22
The service is amazing. Staff are friendly and professional. Always on time and dedicated. They... take their own initiative and ensure everything is clean and tidy. I highly recommend Scrubs!read more
Sandra Davis
Sandra Davis
08:34 19 Aug 22
The Owner will not stand behind his employees if they cause damage and will not pay you. He... treats the girls like they are nothing and would have them on their hands and knees outside cleaning concrete. It is pitiful. Whatever the Manager says, I most certainly spoke to the Male Owner of the Company because he called me and I still have his direct mobile number and my husband also heard the conversation. The girls had spilled Cooking Oil down the concrete the length of our Villa and the Owner said he did not care if it took the women 10 hours on their hands and knees to clean it, which we had to get pressure washers and they had to use Acid to get it cleaned. I could have fallen and my dog too. All the Owner had to do was pay 350 QAR to make good and keep our business . Still Pitiful Also, whoever wrote this and I am sure it was Megan, is not the Owner of the Company. AND YES WE DID SPEAK TO THE OWNER SO YOUR REPLY IS A LIE ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE. TERRIBLE COMPANY.read more
Chiara Grasso
Chiara Grasso
09:20 02 Aug 22
I just recently called Scrubs Cleaning Service to clean my house.The booking customer center was... very efficient, accommodating and kind. The cleaners were highly professional, always on time, attentive to cleaning with paramount attention to detail.I will become a regular customer and I would definitely recommend them for any house cleaning needs!read more
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