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Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Doha, Qatar

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Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Doha, Qatar

If you are looking for Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Doha, Qatar then Scrubs  maid service and cleaning service in Qatar, is the place to Call. Scrubs cleaning services in Doha Qatar is one of the best carpet cleaning companies that offer professional care for all types of floors. With a wide range of products for every need from carpets to tiles, our team will ensure you can quickly find what you’re looking for at unbeatable prices. Check out our website for more information on how we can help keep your office, home or shop fresh and tidy.

The best part about having a professional come to your home is that you don’t have to worry about picking up the dirt yourself or trying to figure out how long it’s been since someone cleaned the rugs! The pros take care of everything for you- all you need to do is wait until they finish before enjoying cleaner carpets.

And we use a powerful vacuum to remove any dirt or dust from your carpets. Then they’ll mix water with detergent and apply it to the surface of each rug in order to loosen up stains that have built up over time. Finally, they’ll dry the rugs using an industrial-grade hot air blower! we clean, dry, and deodorize your carpets so that they’re looking as good as new in no time at all.

Why do you need carpet cleaning services?

– Dirty carpets can make your home more susceptible to allergens and irritants. This could lead to health problems for you or your family members, especially if those people are prone to allergies!

– Having dirty rugs around the house also creates a general sense of uncleanliness that makes it difficult for some homeowners to relax. How can you enjoy time in any room with carpeting when there’s visible dirt on every surface?

– Finally, dirty carpets may not just look unsightly – they’ll actually cause damage over time as well. You might notice small pieces starting to come apart at the seams (or even get pulled out) because dirt is making its way into tufts where fibers never intended it to be!

when do you need a carpet cleaning service for your home or office?

– if you have a pet that sheds

– if you or someone in your family has allergies, asthma, eczema or any other respiratory illness

– if there is visible dirt on the carpeting’s surface (a.k.a. “the rug needs to be cleaned”)

Why we are best carpet cleaning services in Doha Qatar

– We are locally owned and operated

– Excellent customer service

– Certified cleaners with insured training and equipment – we never use subcontractors to clean your carpets, rugs or upholstery!

– Fully insured and bonded

We promise to clean your carpets as thoroughly as possible without damaging them or causing any hidden stains that will reappear later on down the line. So you don’t have to worry about post-chemical odors lingering around after our cleaners leave. And because pets shedding is inevitable some pet hair might be left behind but it won’t affect carpet quality over.

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What our customer say about our service

13:34 13 Feb 23
We have been using the service for almost 1 year now, and could not have been happier. Cathy is... always very responsive on the phone, and communication is very easy. Every week we have Winder coming over for cleaning and she is doing an amazing job. The value for money is so good, especially since we had issues with other cleaning companies before. Since we changed to Scrubs cleaning, we are really happy. We can definitely recommend their services to everyone looking for reliable and detailed cleaning!read more
Chris Jones
Chris Jones
14:22 08 Dec 22
Team at scrubs were great, checked up during the clean to make sure I was satisfied and the cleaner... was fantastic and very thorough. One I thing I noticed that this cleaner did that I haven’t seen in Qatar before was actually moving furniture to clean behind and not just cleaning around. Would definitely recommend. Mary was extremely professional. Great service ! Definitely worth giving a try, this was my first experience and will use again !read more
Gurumoorthy Krithivasan
Gurumoorthy Krithivasan
09:48 26 Nov 22
The review is based on use of their services multiple times during the year.It all starts with... appointment and when they commit a time they were never late.Regarding the services differentpersonnel came on different occasions. Every time their cleaning was beyond commendable and spotless. It looks a new house every time when they clean 😃😃.keep up the good job very professional staff 👍 and all the best , will continue with this company as long as we stay in Qatar. I can recommend this company beyond any hesitationread more
Dani Waterston
Dani Waterston
16:51 25 Nov 22
Wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!! I cannot thank the team enough!!! They are incredible. I booked Jemimah... from Scrubs through ‘Just Clean’. She is a remarkable woman. Not only is she understanding and efficient but she is sincerely helpful and has a great sense of humour!!!I have had Mary clean for me before. She is lively. Very funny and a hard worker.Scrubs checked on me throughout the day regarding the service. I can’t give less that 6 ⭐️I would recommend this company from any other. I am pretty sure all of their staff are as exceptional as these tworead more
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