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best kitchen cleaning service in qatar

We are the Best House Cleaning Service in Qatar, a professional residential cleaning company that provides outstanding service and results. Our journey began when we realized the need for high-quality house cleaners to make homes more sanitized and healthy. We wanted to provide our customers with an easy way to have their houses cleaned regularly at an affordable price so they could focus on what matters most: family, friends, work, or any other personal interests. Even if you have stay in maids you can always use scrubs trained ladies to deep clean your home or assist your maids.

What we found is that there are thousands of homeowners in Qatar who need help with their house cleaning but do not have the time to hire a professional. That’s why Scrubs Cleanings Services & Maid Service agency in Qatar was born: to provide high-quality residential cleaning services for those people. We offer many benefits such as being environmentally friendly, using eco-friendly products, providing exceptional customer service, and our team members always clean thoroughly without any shortcuts or omissions. Best Cleaning Services in Doha Qatar is here to make your life easier by offering a reliable solution.

Why Scrubs Maid Services is the Best House cleaning service in Qatar?

  • Scrubs Cleaning Services & Maid Service company in Qatar has been providing high-quality residential cleaning services for many years
  • Scrubs team members are well-trained and experienced professionals who know how to clean thoroughly without any shortcuts or omissions.
  • Scrubs is environmentally friendly, using eco-friendly products which means that we care about the environment while still providing a solution everyone will love
  • All of our staff at Scrub’s Cleanings Services LLC operate with impeccable customer service skills – making us one of the best housekeeping providers in Doha Qatar.

So why don’t you give Scrub’s Cleanings Services & Maid Service a try? We offer affordable prices starting from QAR 40 per hour so contact us now.

why do we need to clean the house and residence regularly?

A clean house is a healthy place to live. Dirt, dust, and germs can cause asthma or allergies in some people while causing others no problems whatsoever. If the home has pets there are fleas, mites, and bacteria that need to be removed regularly; these result from food left on surfaces which attracts them like ants on sugar – resulting in irritable scratching for humans! In addition, if one person is struggling with their health, it can have an effect on everyone else living at the property meaning something needs to change – all this adds up quickly when calculating how much time should be spent cleaning vs what you’ll save by not having someone come around once per weekly.

What are the services that include in the residential cleaning package?

This is a question we get often. What are the services that include in-home or the residential cleaning package? The answer to this really depends on what you need. Some of our clients just want assistance with laundry, others have specific needs like dusting and vacuuming each room every week, while still others only require one time thorough deep cleanings per month or 2 weeks. When booking an appointment, give as much detail about your service request as possible so there’s no confusion and it ensures that we can work together effectively!

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What our customer say about our service

Linda Poko
Linda Poko
18:08 07 Sep 22
I have been regularly using cleaning services from Scrubs Cleaning company.Their staff are... professional and bookings are handled promptly. Particularly cleaning staff Ms Sarah, she does her job well and works with honesty and sincerity. She practices open communication. Ms Sarah utilizes the allocated time to complete the cleaning job. She has a good personality too. Very humble and respectful.I’m very satisfied having Ms Sarah to assist in cleaning my more
Monique Wessels
Monique Wessels
12:50 31 Aug 22
The service is amazing. Staff are friendly and professional. Always on time and dedicated. They... take their own initiative and ensure everything is clean and tidy. I highly recommend Scrubs!read more
Sandra Davis
Sandra Davis
08:34 19 Aug 22
The Owner will not stand behind his employees if they cause damage and will not pay you. He... treats the girls like they are nothing and would have them on their hands and knees outside cleaning concrete. It is pitiful. Whatever the Manager says, I most certainly spoke to the Male Owner of the Company because he called me and I still have his direct mobile number and my husband also heard the conversation. The girls had spilled Cooking Oil down the concrete the length of our Villa and the Owner said he did not care if it took the women 10 hours on their hands and knees to clean it, which we had to get pressure washers and they had to use Acid to get it cleaned. I could have fallen and my dog too. All the Owner had to do was pay 350 QAR to make good and keep our business . Still Pitiful Also, whoever wrote this and I am sure it was Megan, is not the Owner of the Company. AND YES WE DID SPEAK TO THE OWNER SO YOUR REPLY IS A LIE ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE. TERRIBLE more
Chiara Grasso
Chiara Grasso
09:20 02 Aug 22
I just recently called Scrubs Cleaning Service to clean my house.The booking customer center was... very efficient, accommodating and kind. The cleaners were highly professional, always on time, attentive to cleaning with paramount attention to detail.I will become a regular customer and I would definitely recommend them for any house cleaning needs!read more
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