Carpet Wash

Carpet Wash

At Scrubs, we believe the best way to clean a carpet, is to Scrub wash it, the old fashion way.

It’s up to you to decide if you want us to clean it in its place (machine wash) or have us pick it up and give it a proper bath (recommended for heavy soiled rugs).

What you can expect from us
  • Our Customer Service representative would gather important information from you regarding the rug and its condition prior to rug pick up. Such as:

    Is the carpet hand or machine make
    Is the carpet made of cotton, synthetic, silk or wool
    Does the carpet need a special cleaning other than regular dirt such as, cat or dog pee, alcohol stains, ink, coloring markers or any other stain that you know of.

  • We need to know those details to know how to treat them.

  • Pick up the rug from your location,

  • Vacuum the rug very well, front and back with a heavy-duty suction vacuum,

  • Thoroughly clean the area where we place the carpet for washing,

  • Scrub the carpet front and back with proper detergents,

  • Dry it completely and deliver it back to you withing 3 to 4 days.

We cannot fix the fibers in case the rug has a burn or if it is cut or damaged. Rest assured we do a proper handwash and promise to bring it back clean and smelling fresh.

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