After Construction Cleaning

After Construction Cleaning

Home construction is a stressful idea as you have to deal with the post construction mess. Scrub helps in transforming this construction mess to your beautiful dazzling home. Our experts use non toxic and eco friendly cleaning materials to deep clean and detail your house. Also there are certain areas that require utmost care in cleaning which our experts are trained to handle. With scrubs you can be assure for quality service delivered every time.

What you can expect from our cleaning:
  • Non toxic, eco-friendly cleaning items

  • Remove smudges, dirt and scuffs from walls

  • Dusting furnitures, firtures and all surfaces

  • Staffs are specially trained to clean glass items and windows

  • Advanced cleaning that kills germs and bacteria

  • Single house or apartment cleaning

  • Cleaning cabinet interiors, closets and other interiors

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